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The wave of Web3 and AI is sweeping in, triggering innovation and transformation on a global scale.

Web3: Web3 is an upgrade to the current mainstream Web2.0 services, primarily utilizing blockchain technology to operate in a more distributed and decentralized manner. Web3 aims to achieve user ownership of their own data and greater privacy protection through this approach. With the growing popularity of blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3 is receiving increasing attention and development.

AI: The development of AI primarily focuses on more powerful models, broader applications, and stronger interpretability. In terms of more powerful models, the continuous evolution of deep learning techniques and advancements in hardware performance are making AI models increasingly powerful. In terms of broader applications, AI has been widely applied in various industries, ranging from finance, healthcare, education to entertainment. As for interpretability, current research is focused on making the decision-making processes of AI models more transparent to increase people's trust in AI.

2. Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Web3 and AI

Web3: In the Web3 field, entrepreneurial opportunities mainly lie in new decentralized applications (DApps) and decentralized services. Examples include blockchain-based social networks, content sharing platforms, and various decentralized financial services.

AI: In the field of AI, entrepreneurial opportunities mainly focus on the development of AI applications for civil use, manufacturing AI hardware, and providing AI data and services. Examples include AI solutions tailored to specific industries, novel AI processors, and big data services for training AI models.

3. Benefits Brought by Web3 and AI

Web3: Web3 can make the internet more democratic and fair. Users are no longer passive providers of data but can control and profit from their own data. Additionally, Web3 can enhance the security and transparency of transactions involving digital currencies and other digital assets through smart contracts based on blockchain technology.

AI: AI can greatly improve efficiency in daily life and work. For example, AI can assist doctors in diagnosing diseases, help teachers personalize education, and aid businesses in data analysis. Furthermore, AI is gradually replacing some dangerous and repetitive jobs, allowing people to free themselves from these tasks and improve their quality of life.

4. The Deep Impact of the Integration of Web3 and AI

The emergence of AI is not merely a new technology; it brings a series of iterations and even subversions to the underlying operating logic of society. The same applies to the Web3 world.

AI represents a revolution in production tools, while Web3 represents a revolution in production relations. Just as the philosophy relates production tools and production relations, AI and Web3 cannot be viewed independently.

Production tools, production relations, and production data are the three pillars of productive forces. The type of production tools determines the level of productivity, and the level of productivity provides necessary conditions for the generation and popularization of corresponding production relations. If Web3, based on blockchain, represents updated production relations, then AI is undoubtedly the most advanced production tool of this era.

Therefore, the emergence, widespread adoption, and integration of AI as a production tool will undoubtedly play a decisive role in the popularization and promotion of the Web3 concept.

5. The Birth of GPTT.ai


An AI intelligent civilian platform based on Web3.


Providing global users with chat-based AI assistant services for education, entertainment, finance, and more.


Participating in GPT training, intelligent application testing, etc., and sharing AI benefits together.

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Let one million people go AI first!

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